Wind at My Back

We can learn the direction of a storm by turning our back to the wind, then pointing to the left

February 10, 2016
Continued Progress, Continued Work

Last week, the Washington DC area was blanketed with about 2 feet of snow. I thought it would take a

February 3, 2016
Don’t Let it Pile Up

Do you wait for the storm to pass before shoveling, or do you chip away at the snow throughout the

January 27, 2016
Focus on the Present

The Washington DC area’s focus on the coming blizzard led to this evening’s Clipper system catching people off guard and

January 20, 2016
We Always Have Something to Give

An Alberta Clipper system finds a way to flurry snow over the Mid-Atlantic, even after losing most of its moisture

January 13, 2016
Depth of Committment

The depth of cold air between the ground’s surface and the atmosphere determines if snow will stick: when it’s shallow

January 6, 2016
New Year’s Transformation

What we see as “new,” is in reality a transformation of the old. For example, climatology (old weather) is used

December 30, 2015
Unconditional Christmas Spirit

The power of the Christmas spirit is not in the cold, snow, nor anything that is conditional. It’s in the

December 23, 2015
Joy Endures

Sunrise is a display of light overcoming darkness, while sunshine is the result after darkness clears. Joy brightens even the

December 16, 2015
Can’t Block the Light!

Clouds block our access to light, the same way the world’s negative events can cloud our sense of hope. This

December 9, 2015
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