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The purpose of this webpage is to be a one-stop-shop for all things Cold Front.  I will set up different pages for different gigs, but they will all house the same info (set lists, videos, lead sheets, rehearsal/arrangement notes, other gig info, etc.  Videos/samples are provided for the songs where I think we need them.  If you have questions, post them through the comments tab at the bottom of the page and I’ll answer them through the webpage.                                               _________________________________________________________________________________


Maria, Maria / Sweetest Taboo /  No Ordinary Love (no video sample of Cold Front arrangement available)

Never Too Much (Cold Front arr.)

Sweet Thing / Reasons (Cold Front arr.)

Butterflies / Remember the Time (Cold Front arr.)

I Blame You (new arrangement to come in rehearsal, for now, follow video)

Champagne Life (follow video)

Happy (Cold Front arr.)

From The Start (follow video)

Virga (follow video)



Retrograde Motion

1102 Bradfield Hall / arrangement ideas (new arrangement we worked on back in July 2015 still needs to be finished)

Rain Dance

After Hours

Groove in You

Brazilia / Spain

Autumn Leaves


Mister Magic / Chameleon

Lovely Day

Stop, Look, Listen / Ribbon in the Sky

Outstanding / Treasure / Before I Let Yo Go



_________________________________________________________________________________LEAD SHEETS


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