DATE: September 15, 2018
VENUE: National Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP)
NOAA Center for Weather & Climate Prediction (NCWCP) – Open House 09/15/2018

Come join the fun at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) free public open house at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction on Saturday, September 15, 2018 (TIME TBD).

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how meteorologists forecast and track storms, watch a weather balloon launch, tour our oceanography and air laboratories, hear stories from a hurricane hunter pilot and more. There will also be hands-on interactive science activities for kids.

About the Center:

The NOAA Center for Weather & Climate Prediction (NCWCP) is located inside the University of Maryland Research Park and houses more than 800 dedicated NOAA employees who provide the United States with expert weather, water, and climate forecasts that touch everyone’s lives. Opened in August 2012, the center provides a seamless suite of environmental analysis, diagnostics and forecasts from the surface of the sun to the depths of the ocean floor. This integrated facility advances NOAA’s effort to build a Weather-Ready Nation through improved precision forecasts, effective and timely communications and strong partnerships. This fact sheet provides additional details about the NCWCP and its tenant organizations.

More information about each of the centers: Air Resource Laboratory, Aviation Weath

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