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unnamed-11 WeatherWednesday® is a brief, inspirational message that connects weather to real life and communicates positive principles in a way that everyone can relate to. It has become a cornerstone of Cold Front Music®, a brand that uses music as a medium to communicate about the greater meaning of life.

One may ask, “Why is a saxophonist talking about weather??” It’s because Tony learned to love music through the weather! As a child, his fascination with the weather led him to The Weather Channel, but what kept him tuned in was the music. The jazz playing in the background of the “Local on the 8’s” segments became engrained in his consciousness and eventually led him to the saxophone at the age of 12. The connection in his mind between weather and music has been inseparable ever since. Each song that he writes has a theme related to some life experience, because music is about life. Since Tony thinks about life in terms of weather, you end up with #WeatherWednesday®.

WeatherWednesday® is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Weather + Life = #WeatherWednesday®
#WeatherWednesday® + Music = Cold Front Music®

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